• What is the minimum amount of UvoCoin I can buy?
    The minimum order value is $10 or equivalent in your currency. This means if the coin is trading at $2, then you will get 5 UvoCoins for your $10 purchase. If the coin is trading at $2.10 then you will receive 4.761 coins. UvoCoin is affordable to all.
  • How much commission can I earn?
    UvoCoin operate a 2-tier affiliate program. For every person you personally introduce to UvoCoin through your affiliate link, who then goes onto purchase UvoCoin, you will receive 5% of the value of the fiat currency transaction. For example, if someone you introduced purchased $1,000 worth of UvoCoin, you will receive $50 in your Dollar commission wallet. If that person introduces someone through their affiliate link who makes a $1,000 purchase, you will also receive 5% of the value of that fiat currency transaction – $50. There is no limit to the amount people you can introduce or the amount of commission you can earn.
  • Why is my commission in different currencies?
    For every person you personally introduce to UvoCoin through your affiliate link, who goes onto purchase UvoCoin you receive 5% commission. This commission is paid to you in the exact same currency your introducer chooses to make their purchase with. This could be in USD, GBP, EUR, South African Rand or Bitcoin. If a purchase is made with a Credit Card, commission will be paid in Euros. Our online merchant services provider is a Euro based account.
  • Can I introduce people from other countries?
    Yes! You can introduce people from any other country in the world except for the USA. Our program is not available to US citizens due to strict cryptocurrency regulations set by the US authorities.
  • How do I promote UvoCoin and introduce others?
    There are many free ways to promote UvoCoin using your affiliate link. You can regularly post on your personal or business social media accounts or by creating video content and posting on YouTube. By writing blog articles and posting on free business forums and press release sites. The more traffic you get the greater chance someone will click on your affiliate link.

    You can also create vouchers and give them away to friends and family. They would create their own UvoCoin account and redeem the voucher. Remember nearly 50% of vouchers currently given away see the recipient going on to make their own purchase which pays commission.
  • How do I buy vouchers?
    You can buy vouchers in two ways.

    Firstly, you can do it from your dashboard. In the Purchase UvoCoin section, select the currency you want to use and enter the amount you would like each voucher to be worth. Now click the ‘I want to buy Vouchers’ check box. Enter the number of vouchers you want to purchase, and your total transaction price will be displayed. When ready click the ‘Create Order’ button and follow the checkout process.

    The second way is to buy vouchers using your commissions. In your dashboard, click the ‘My Vouchers’ link on the menu. On the ‘Create a Voucher’ tab, click the ‘Get Started’ button. The next screen will display your commission wallets. Note: If you have not yet received any commission this will not show.

    Choose which wallet you wish to purchase vouchers with and click the Create Voucher button. The full available balance in your wallet will be displayed on the create voucher screen. You may change the currency amount or coin amount for your voucher as required.

    When you are happy with your selection, click the ‘Create Voucher’ button and wait until you get confirmation your voucher has been created. Vouchers can be sent and redeemed by any other user or you can redeem to your own wallet.
  • How can UvoCoin achieve its predicted value?
    For the predicted value to be achieved on 10.10.2020 the gaming platform needs to be live and for all transactions taking place at whatever the predicted value is set at. The value can increase as more games and the demand to play these games increases.
  • How is the value of the coin set?
    The value of the coin is set by a complex algorithm. This is based on many factors but is influenced by the number of vaulted coins purchased and the number of people participating in the program.
  • What happens to my vaulted coins on 10.10.2020?
    On 10.10.2020, your principle gateway for selling your available vaulted coins will be to members of the gaming platform UvoPlay.com. Gamers require UvoCoin to participate in all the published games on the platform and this will become an active marketplace and will take place through the Uvo Exchange. An alternative option will be to sell via an external exchange platform. The amount you can sell each month will be set prior to this date.
  • How do I sell my vaulted coins before 10.10.2020?
    We are currently working on an exchange platform whereby existing contributors can sell the coins they have vaulted to other contributors or to new members seeking to purchase UvoCoin. The platform will be managed by UVO Group LLC and a commission will be charged for the service.
  • Where is UVO Group LLC based and who owns the company?
    The company is located in Delaware, USA. Our CEO Gustavo Americo Fulcarelli holds 50% of the shareholding and the other 50% is held by a group of private investors.

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