What Will You Be Worth On 10.10.2020

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The cryptocurrency market has been growing at an exponential rate with an influx of capital, driven by young savvy investors. This is much more than just a bubble, we are witnessing the beginning of a new digital economy.

Blockchain technology is creating a massive paradigm shift that is decentralizing systems and processes for business, organizations, governments and economies throughout the world. As a result, the blockchain space is booming with new opportunities and is going from strength to strength and is here to stay.

Bitcoin has led the way so far and has dominated the cryptocurrency market. Arguably the opportunity to reap the largest rewards from Bitcoin has already passed with early investors making eye-watering returns. Today’s investors looking for these same big returns are expanding their horizons and investing in UVOCoin, a new and exciting cryptocurrency that is predicted to prosper in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re not a big fan of the government, the big banks or monopolistic corporations, then UVOCoin is perfect for you. Let’s face it, we’re all used to a central authority who set the rules that dictate the way things should be done. What if the tables were turned and the masses had a real say in how things would operate? That’s a truly democratic ecosystem and one that UVOCoin is built on.

The Opportunity

This is an amazing time-limited opportunity to become involved at the pre-launch phase of a new and exciting cryptocurrency. You can now purchase UVO Coins and become involved in this global hypergrowth business. Get started now with the purchase of one or more UVO Coins and you’ll be able to track your investment growth through our App and add additional coins to your vault at any time.

Most people are intimidated by cryptocurrencies, but this is the very reason why you should be investing. Taking the first step earlier than the masses will give you an edge, both in terms of potential gains and experience.

The cryptocurrency space moves at light speed and keeps growing every day. This accumulated drive has resulted in one of the highest returns on investment ever witnessed across multiple industries. The cryptocurrency space has boomed and has convinced even the most sceptical actors to join in.

Investors now have a clear choice. Low interest rates and high levels of debt imposed on them by our banks and governments or choose to have complete control over their financial sovereignty. Cryptocurrency gives people all over the world, regardless of their origin, race, or gender, the key to their financial future.

Meet the CEO



UVO Coin has already been 2 years in the making where millions of dollars have already been invested to create this next-generation blockchain business.

Our Blockchain Accelerator Program enables us to invest and transform the most promising blockchain start-ups into tomorrow’s market leading technology companies. UVO Coin raises investment money through the sale of its own cryptocurrency and the value of the coin increases as consumption increases and profits are generated from our ecosystem.

The first to join our ecosystem is UVOPlay.com an industry leading, "first of its kind" gaming network, where all in-game assets are transferrable across all games on our network. Game assets are purchased and exchanged using cryptocurrency. Game users Play4Pay and get paid in real cryptocurrency for in-game achievements and by encouraging others to join.

As each game gets better with every wave of investment, it attracts more players, more in-game purchases and increased advertising revenue. This generates significant profit which is used to pay game users and ultimately increases the value of the coin.

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sectors driving blockchain and cryptocurrency. Game developers are creating their own virtual currencies, driven by the new generations of digital-savvy gamers. Millennials or so-called Generation X are two economically active demographics with more interest in cryptocurrency than any other of which many of them love to play online games.

Why Buy Uvo?

UVO Coin continues to invest and joint venture with new and emerging blockchain companies to create disruptive technologies and platforms.

Today, the value of your investment is driven by the two fastest growing sectors in the blockchain economy - crypto and online gaming. As UVO Coin popularity grows and coin values increase, new investment will be made in new hyper-growth industries to create strong and sustainable returns.

So, let’s look at the top 5 reasons you should invest in UVO Coin.


Timing is everything in business and the same applies to investment. Take Bitcoin for example. If you had invested just $100 in July 2010 when it launched at $0.008 per coin, today, it would be worth a staggering $73,700,000*. So, getting involved right at the beginning will give you the greatest return on investment. *Source Wikipedia. Based on current value of $5,897 per coin @ May 7th 2019.

Our Games

As games get developed and released on the gaming platform, more game users join the site and play our games. This results in the exponential growth of in-game purchases and game asset exchanges as gamers progress through each level. As more and more games are played, more purchases and exchanges are made, which creates higher levels of profit. This in-turn increases the value of the coin.


UVO Coin provides stability against other cryptocurrencies. We have limited supply and high demand for our coins. After making a purchase, your coins are locked in a vault or vaulted down allowing the value of your coins to grow. Investments are made and profits re-invested to ensure the value of your coins increase.

Future Value

On 10.10.2020 or the 10th October 2020, all coins will be released on an independent exchange creating the biggest crypto payment in the world. You are then free to trade your coins and start realizing your profits or simply keep them in your crypto wallet and watch them continue to grow in value.

Spread The Word

We’ve created an affiliate program to directly reward investors for promoting the UVO Coin opportunity. By referring others to our website using your personalised URL, when someone joins our network and purchases UVO Coins, we reward you with a referral bonus equivalent to 5% of their purchase. If someone you introduced goes on to do the same, we will reward you with a further 5% on any of their purchases too. There is no limit to the number of people you can introduce.

The UVO Coin affiliate program is only available throughout the pre-launch phase and closes at midnight on the 9th October 2020.

Global Launch

UVO Coin will officially launch on 10.10.2020 when the games platform is officially launched and all coins are released on a cryptocurrency exchange creating the biggest crypto payment platform in the world.

Based on current growth predictions and levels of investment, we fully anticipate this will be the day hundreds if not thousands of pre-launch buyers will see million-dollar returns.

To celebrate our worldwide launch, we will be hosting launch parties in several cities across the world where selected investors, leaders, trade press and UVO contributors will be invited to join in the celebrations.

We’re incredibly excited about these events and you’re invited to join us.


We're slowly moving towards a utopian society where the economy is totally decentralized, and people use cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. Whether you like it or not, the crypto community continues making waves and is gathering enthusiasts all over the world from every aspect of society.

Just imagine if you had the opportunity to invest some money when some of the biggest names on the internet started. Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are just a few of the names that come to mind.

It was the perfect opportunity to acquire a vast amount of wealth and more importantly bragging rights. These bragging rights were only exclusive to the early investors and backers of this technology which served as their lifestyle legacy. That same opportunity is once again before you.

How many claim the future bragging rights of being amongst the first that took part in the development of a new cryptocurrency and blockchain company whilst becoming rich along the way, is a combination that only a relatively small few will experience?

Don’t miss out! Make sure you are one of them.

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